Automate wordpress backup (with BackWPup)

A set-up and forget scenario

I used to backup wordpress sites via FTP and export of the database. But it takes a lot of time. And with an increasing number of sites to maintain, I often skip this essential practice.

I just discovered BackWPup, a very configurable plugin for wordpress. It does everything I used to do… and can be scheduled !

What I need to backup

  • wordpress files
  • custom themes
  • plugins
  • database export
  • uploaded content

I store the backup on my laptop and on an external service (Dropbox).

Backup with one click

BackWPup builds a ZIP archive that contains the whole wordpress directory as well as  the SQL file that can be used to regenerate the tables.

The archive is sent by email or stored on a folder of the site. Even better : support for Dropbox or  amazon S3 is native and configured in a minute.

I made it push an archive of the site directly to a /fieldnotes folder of my dropbox account.

  • install the plugin
  • add a new backup job via the admin interface (settings are fine by default)
  • indicates where to store the backup
  • … that’s all !

Trigger the backup manually from the admin interface to ensure the setup is correct.

Schedule it !

You can now add scheduling via the admin panel (only pitfall: remember to tick the Activate scheduling checkbox) and enjoy receiving regulars backups in your dropbox !