Make eclipse Galileo 3.5 work with NTMLv2 Proxy

I installed eclipse 3.5 at my work place (where we access internet through an authenticated NTML proxy).  I was unable to make eclipse pass through this proxy, which prevented me to install updates and additional software.

Anthony Dahanne’s describes the workaround on his blog (in french). The Apache httpclient implementation should be disabled because it doesn’t work well with NTMLv2 proxies.

For NTLMv2 Proxies, that require user name and password for access the workaround is to

  1. Disable the ECF httpclient provider.
  2. Provide the NTLMv2 proxy authentication info (proxyhost, domain, username, and password)

In practice, edit your eclipse.ini file to append the following properties.


Original article :
Eclipse bug
Eclipse wiki which provides the solution:

14 thoughts on “Make eclipse Galileo 3.5 work with NTMLv2 Proxy”

  1. A possibly better way is to use a NTLM tunneler such as CNTLM. This allows you to set up a local port to forward through the NTLM proxy with appropriate authentications. Will save needing to save your password in plain text, and do other modifications such as your solution 🙂

  2. Thanks for this tip, saved my sanity. Our proxy proxies all protocols on the same port so I was able to remove the “http.” part. Works great. Too bad after all of these years we still can’t get proxying to work correctly.

  3. @Philip: Thanks for Cntlm, which I was not aware of.

    I have been using a similar proxy (ntlmaps on ubuntu) for several months but I did not manage to make it work with Galileo.

    Cntlm looks more complete, I will give it a try…

  4. Thanks for this information. I was already searching for 1 hour to solve this problem. THis workarround is working fine for me! Thanks!

  5. Thanks for the info.

    For me it worked by just adding the first line (-Dorg.eclipse.ecf.provider.filetransfer.excludeContributors=org.eclipse.ecf.provider.filetransfer.httpclient) to the ini.

    I then could use the native settings without any problem.

  6. Thanks very much indeed. I too had been struggling to get Galileo P2 Updates to work through a proxy at work for a couple of days!

    It now works fine, brilliant!

  7. Also for me it worked just by using the line (-Dorg.eclipse.ecf.provider.filetransfer.excludeContributors=org.eclipse.ecf.provider.filetransfer.httpclient) to the ini. Which was good because I really didn’t want to store my password in plain text in the ini file! Not recommended.

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